SOLAV news is an online media and news independent outlet, covering technology, entertainment, opinion, lifestyle, and more, focusing on the most popular and important hit events, and news.

Headlines are written in a short, clear, and direct format, with no useless words, and all the articles are independent journalists’, authors', and editors' own writings.

All headlines are posted to Twitter first, as it's meant to be the main publishing portal, then it comes to life on the site.

Articles and headlines are written in more than one language, although the site's main language is English, site viewers will see multilingual articles and headlines.


To be one source of all news, views, opinions, and information about what is going on in the world.


Providing the best information, news headlines, and articles, that provide the most appropriate information and knowledge for the reader, and make his time on the platform, an investment of time.


Transparency - Objectivity - Comprehensiveness


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